Relationship and Family Counselling


My focus is relationship and family counselling.

Julie Lorenz’s training as a Family therapist guides clients to resolve past and present issues. Many people seek behaviour change with hypnotherapy for other issues.

Julie Lorenz Specialises in Relationship Counselling with a commonsense approach | Family Therapist MelbourneHYPNOTHERAPY IS OUR SPECIALTY

  • General Counselling
  • Behavioural change
  • Addiction recovery
  • Couples Counselling
  • Specialising in sexual issues
  • Males and Females experiencing sexual dysfunction or difficulties
  • Counselling for Gay & Lesbian couples
  • Virtual/hypnotic lap band for weight loss

At Melbourne Counselling & Hypnotherapy Centre, Julie Lorenz, consultant psychotherapist provides an environment of respect and care for adults experiencing a range of issues.

Having trained many of Melbourne’s hypnotherapists as senior lecturer at leading colleges and universities in Melbourne and seeing clients over 16 years Julie’s clinical experience is diverse.

Julie’s training in drug and alcohol counselling has provided many clients suffering with the pain and hopelessness of addiction to find a safe port to begin the process of recovery.

This highly specialised area requires an understanding of the all consuming nature of addiction and a plan for relapse prevention. The support of the 12 step programs and individual counselling can shed a light on recovery and a chance at a new way of living and beginning a new life.

Hypnotherapy is often helpful in these cases requiring behaviour change such as dealing with bulimia, smoking, drug abuse, compulsive lying, gambling, in fact any behaviour that is causing life damaging consequences for you or someone you care about.

Many adults present with issues related to healing after the end of a relationship, or intervening to repair resentments and hurts before it is too late, a life stage dilemma, change of job, health issues or family leaving home or not leaving home! Relationship issues are special area of interest because when we get that right so many aspects of our life fall comfortably into place.

Contact Julie for a confidential chat on 0407 772 125.

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