Family Counselling in Melbourne

Family relationships can be very diverse and at times quite complex.  Julie can help families gain control and deal with issues arrising from blended families, divorced or separated families, drug or alchohol use, common difficulties dealing with adolescence, general interfamily attitudes, as well as respect and communication issues.

Often, with the help of a trained family counsellor, family dynamics, attitudes and relationships can be mended and improved.  Family therapy will assist participating family members to view each other in a new light, bring out often non-discussed problems and feelings that often help foster a new sense of togetherness within the family.

Julie will help find the  right methods for dealing with family issues whether it be group counselling, individual one-on one sessions, to the use of hypnotherapy as a way to help release past issues that are still affecting the family today.

For a confidential chat with Julie please call 0407 772 125

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