What is Hypnosis?

what_us_1Hypnosis is a relaxed and focused state of consciousness. Clients report feeling comfortabe and at ease. Like all new experiences, practice makes perfect, so it can only get better with each subsequent session. As I say in the session “the deeper you go the better you feel and the better you feel the deeper you go”

Clients report feeling so beautifully relaxed that they are resistant to coming back to full waking conscousness because the feelings were so wonderful.

Limiting Beliefs

what_us_2Visualization and suggestion are stratagies to change the original blue print layed down in childhood and by life experiences, good and bad along the way, changes in life occur when you identify and modify a limiting thought or belief. As children we are naturally “open” and believe everything we’re told by those in authority over us, parents, siblings, teachers, clergy. Not all of this is bad provided the messages are that we are good people and have something to offer. UNFORTUNATELY THATS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE WITH SOME BABIES AND CHILDREN GETTING VERY NEGATIVE ABUSIVE MESSAGES INSTEAD. If you look at the problem, you will nearly always find a limiting belief because at a deep subconscious level, they believe that’s all they deserve.

COUNSELLING IS ALWAYS PART OF THE PROCESS and then a altered state of consciousness achieved during hypnotherapy. While deeply relaxed and focusing on a particular issue, Hypnosis can provide a time effective way to deal with issues that have kept us stuck for years. In changing those belief systems we can improve relationships, especially in sexual issues. Hypnotherapy can set up new neural pathways to believe in ones ability to achieve better results in all aspects of sexuality. When we have a disapponting sexual experience it sets up a pattern of self doubt that can be negitively built upon. Clients sometimes tell me they have tried medication and all sorts of processes only to feel more and more hopeless and helpless. In hypnotherapy regression we cant go back and give you a happy childhood if that wasnt your experience but we can go back and “clean”up the one you did have. Old patterns and “truths” of our family of origin affect our relationships and cause difficulties in this present time. Naturally I deal with behaviour change at many levels and stop smoking, nail biting, cannibus use, other drugs, blushing etc.and are always sought after therapy’s.

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